Kamis, 29 April 2010

Teamwork .. !!

This is why i do love my profession...
we're working as team to create an image.. many heads.. many minds... many voice... the pressure is my adventure..
but the control...
is on me

Centro Morocco Glam - 2008

a Photoshoot for Centro - Morocco Glam (2008).
we do it on a setting, wallpapers & others props related.
a very though shooting day ( we shoot from 9.00a - 22.30 )whoaaa..
Credits :
Photographer : Mohammad Eryza
Art Director : Dewi rahima
DI artist : Aria B.
Make Up artist : Yudin

Summer Breeze -

an idealist portfolio, i do this in a weekend :)
Credits :
Photographer : Eryza
Model : Baby (my very best friend.!!! Lol)
Stylist : scesilia
Wardrobe : Models own
Props : Fiat Car by Chandra

Centro - Bali exhibition 2007

These photos are just some that i shoot for Centro Bali fashion festival 2007.
it's truly an Centro inhouse portfolio... inhouse photographer, Art Director & DI artist...
Credits ;

Photographer : Eryza
Model : Emmy Chaniago
Art Director : Dewi Rahima
DI Artist : Aprilia D.

Selasa, 27 April 2010

My Sampler

Working as In house Photographer in a fashion retail companies makes me have a lot portfolios of fashion, products and sometimes i shoot food for kem chiks & Kenny rogers.
i have much chance to learn more about photography, doing big projects such commercials shots, catalogs, etc... working with many art directors, designers , brands, fashion stylists, Make up artists, ... and many beutiful models of course :p
hmmm...interesting right ?

But in my spare time, i have a lot passion to do my own portfolio, crazy shots, i shots for what i like and i want to shows !! anything !!! with a help of my wife, Cesy :)
.. and i love to collaborate with another artist such Digital Imaging artists, Make up artists and fashion stylist who want to build a portfolio :)

oohh,....I do prewedding shots also and i will post them soon..

so.. don't hesitate to contact me if you're interested to work with me :D mohammaderyza@gmail.com or

let's RRRRRRock !!!

It so called PROCESS

Hi, this blog is where i put all my portfolios, behid the scene of the projects i've done. and all of my thoughts of the world i've seen and witnesses ;)