Kamis, 27 Juni 2013

Commercial Shot -Yeos Cincau drink - 2013 Campaign

Really had a good time, when we shoot this..
many fun time when we shoot ,  then he easily to direct

Bravo RGP :)
Klien : TGF - Lemonade  for Yeo's
Photographer : Eryza
Talent : Afgan
DI artist     : Ariareyes

Centro - Women fair 2013 Ad campaign


Random portfolio

who said that shoot for men's fashion beter in low key ?
Client : Parkson retail asia
Photgrapher : Eryza
Foto Editing : Aria reyes

Natasya Skin care

Love  this shots for Natasha skin care
i knew she's exhausted after taking commercial shhot (TVC). :p

Klien : Garuda food - KOPYES

Photographer : Eryza
DI artist       Ariareyes
Talent : Lukman Sardi....