Selasa, 18 Mei 2010

Fashion Spread (Kebaya) - Perkawinan magz April 2010

Fashion Spread untuk Perkawinan Magz, edisi April 2010
What a lovely shots at Roemah Kampoeng elite decor

Senin, 17 Mei 2010

Prewedding Farid & Wulan

Motretin prewedding adik sendiri...
Make up artist & Stylist : Scesilia
& Thanks to Kusniardana for a great video :D

Jumat, 14 Mei 2010

Photo shoot Centro - Color Play

Shoot for Centro Fashion festival - COLORPLAY !
The top image is for the Biggest picture( Cover ).
Credits :
Photographer : Eryza
Fashion Stylist : Ulis & Ate
Creative : Ritchie

Rabu, 05 Mei 2010

Cover shot - Perkawinan Magz - March Edition

Again... ! my contribution to Perkawinan magazine, this time for the Cover :)
i don't have much problem on directing the shooting , because i know very well the model ! LoL
Credits :
Photographer : Eryza
Fashion stylist : Leyla Fauwzya
Model : Anderson & His girlfriend

Happy gO Strappy

Photoshoot for Centro - Happy go Strappy campaign
it's about shoes & bags... so we shoot only a body piece like .. leg.. beautiful leg :D
i know maybe these pictures nothing much saying but just a nice picture.. the products are captured & lights very well, but... it's an assignment to do it very well, right ?
Credits :
Photographer : Eryza
Stylist : Muhlis Darama
Creative : Iwan Budiman
DI Artist : chandra Lee

Selasa, 04 Mei 2010

M2 - Spring 2010 Campaign

Shoot for M2 - Spring 2010,
a long day shoot tough every scene was taking a looong time, camera down maybe about 1 hour... but lucky me.. the model r very professional :)
Photographer : Eryza
Model : Thiago
Fashion Stylist : Muhlis Darama
Creative : Karina
Location : AD studio

P.S. Spring Campaign - 2010 Catalogue & Ad

An assignment for P.S. Spring 2010 Campaign.
Photographer : Eryza
Fashion Stylist : Ulis Darama
Art Director : Karina
Make Up artist : Hendro
Model : Roberta Diaz

Senin, 03 Mei 2010

Centro - Morocco Dream - 2009

Some pictures i like from the Morocco Dream campaign of Centro., these shoot is located at a nice BIG Moroccan style house at Sentul.. whoaaa Jauh yaaaa !!!
anyway.. this project is listed as one of my Big projects. Thanks for every one who involved in this project, you guys are rrroocks

Credits :
Photographer : Eryza
Fashion Stylist : Ulis Darama
Creative : Dewi Rahima
Make Up artist : Yudin

Prewedding shoot - Baby & Ruby

Prewedding photos of my friend Baby & Ruby (wish u both have a very happy great life :D) . They are awesome couple, very fashionably. The concepts are coming not just from me but them too :)
A very great shooting day we have !!!
Thanks to my Lovely wife, Scesilia as the Stylist !!

Centro - Men in Style 2009

Credits :
Photographer : Eryza
Fashion stylist : Muhlis Darama
Creative : Dewi Rahima
Di Artist : Chandra Lee
Models : Anderson & Landerson

Perkawinan Magz (Contributor) - Fashion Spread - Dec 2009

This project is my contribute at Perkawinan Magazine (December Issue)

Credits :
Photographer : Eryza
Photo Assistant : Adi
Fashion Stylist : Leyla Fauwzya

Ceil, Ambrogio, Etalase & Luigi Zampieri

a very long tough shooting day, we shoot for many brands in just 1 day shoot !
The concept for each brand are simple.. just play with corner, shadows & lightings... all shoot at white background L setting.
The shoot start at 8.00 am , ends at 9.30 pm with a victim : camera jam !!! the shutter won't back LOL

Credits ;
Photographer : Eryza
Fashion Stylist : Ulis darama
Asst Stylist : Andre Poernomo
Creative : Karina

Shopaholic Android

These photos are in collaborated with caesar Satrio (Digital Artist) & Yanuar Ishak (Art Director).
please enjoy :D
Photographer : Eryza
Digital Artist : Caesar Satrio
Art Director : Yanuar Ishak
Model : Nadine
Make Up Artist & Stylist : Scesilia