Senin, 07 Juni 2010

I adore her works so much !!!

Kamis, 03 Juni 2010

Fashion Spread - Perkawinan magazine, May 2010

Fashion Spread for Perkawinan Magazine, May 2010.
what a great fashion designed by Stepahanus Hammy
Photographer : Eryza
Model : Maria
Stylist : Leyla Fauwzya

Selasa, 01 Juni 2010

Prewedding shots - Tanty & Tondy

Pre wedding of my best friend, Tanty & Tondy
Woohooo walaupun hari itu matahari agak kurang bersahabat ( i don't like bad weather when shooting outdoor) , tapi pasangan ini bener-bener bisa "improvisasi" ! hehehehe...
wish u guys have a Happy life ever after :D
Big thanks for my lovely wife (Cesy) as stylist.

Centro - Women's fair 2010

Another Beauty shot for Centro Beauty fair, what a lovely shot

Credits :
Photographer : Eryza
Stylist : Ate
DI Artist : Caesar Satrio
Art Director : Iwan Budiman

Cover of P.S. Summer 2010 catalogue

P.S. summer 2010 Catalogue cover and P.S. career image , you guys can see the rest of images at the P.S. stores

Credits :
Photographer : Eryza
Fashion Stylist : Ate
Art director : Sam K.